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Traffic and Funnels [Review 2022] Chris and Taylor – Is it Legit?

This review will discuss the pros and cons to Client Kit 2.0 by Chris Evans, Taylor Welch and other (Updated for February 2022).

I will then compare paid traffic to my #1 online business model.

What's Traffic & Funnels all about?

Traffic & Funnels teaches how to build a personal brand, and run Facebook ads.

You can advertise on Facebook and reach a new audience who may not know you.

Here is where funnels are useful.

They will help you take cold traffic and make them warm leads.

Who are Traffic & Funnels For?

This category is for those who already have a skill or service they can offer.

  • Coaches
  • Consultants
  • Other professional services

What are the essential elements to make Facebook ads successful?

Facebook ads can be expensive so you have to make an appealing offer. Plus, you should sell a premium product or service.


Facebook ads can be difficult to win if your product/service costs too much and solves only a very small problem.

If your product is not great, all your marketing skills such as copywriting and creating sales videos won't work.

Facebook ads have been rising in cost over the past years

It is supply and demand.

The cost of running ads on Facebook is rising as more people use it to advertise. This is because there's now more demand than inventory (aka: Ad space).

Here's a graph to show why FB ads will cost more.

Why I personally avoid Facebook ads today?

Traffic on the internet is essential to make money, no matter what.

This opportunity is available to many people through Facebook ads.

It's so simple to do that it's saturated. As a result, it's risen in cost per acquisition over the past few years.

Facebook ads also require a lot maintenance.

Sometimes, your ads don't make it profitable. You need to get rid of the ad immediately and start a new one.

You risk losing your money.

It always feels like you are playing cat and mouse.

This is why I love ranking websites on Google. It's easy to rank sites and it stays there for a long time with very little maintenance.

This is why I love doing organic leads for small business owners.

Who Designed Client Kit 2.0?

Chris was born in Charlotte, North Carolina. He moved to California with Missy and their four children in 2012 to become a VP Marketing for GoDaddy.

Chris & Taylor launched Traffic and Funnels three years later.

Taylor Welch was born in Shreveport Louisiana. He studied marketing at the University of Memphis.

He now lives in Nashville, Tennessee with Lindsey, and they have their first child together this year.

Taylor was able to jump into the business almost immediately after graduation.

He facilitates a lot of their high-ticket sales today.

They also offer online training. The last of their live events was held at the beginning November 2019.

Chris and Taylor also share their tricks and tips on their weekly podcast, "The Traffic and Funnels Show."

They discuss how they use challenges to grow their business in their latest episode, which was published on November 26, 2019.

Who am I?

I'm also a highly successful funnel developer.

After some success in the lead-generation field, I wanted to increase my sales pipeline.

To date, I have created and optimized 79+ unique funnels with an average conversion rate of 31.2%.

These funnels were fine-tuned over many hours.

Although it wasn't easy, I persevered and was determined to constantly optimize them.

My persistence was what allowed me to quit my 9-5 job.

Who am I NOT?

I am and not an affiliate of T&F.

To help others make informed decisions, I write reviews.

What can you expect from this course?

This course teaches you how to create a funnel to target your particular type of prospect.

  • Start with the end goal in mind (Determining which service to funnel prospects towards)
  • How to Create Your Customer Avatar
  • Coaching customized
  • Conversion of Construction Webinar-Serviced Funnels
  • Streaming prospects via Facebook Ads
  • Automating your Business to Live the 4-Hour Week

A Review of Every Module

Module 1: Zero In on 1 Result (Focus on a Single Service).

Before you can create your custom funnel, you need to know what service your funnel will offer to people who use it.

Chris and Taylor suggest having a single, high-ticket product/service.

Module 1 contains two main points, and both of them involve focus.

Many business owners desire to sell all of their products through one funnel.

Is that a bad idea?

For such large items, funnels are not big enough.

The Number One Rule to creating a great sales funnel is...

1. Find Your One Service: Learn to Say No

You'll later learn that Chis and Taylor 10X'd their business by reducing number of services offered.

Here's how I used the lessons of "Smartest Guys in Marketing", before I knew them.

This funnel was how I began to promote my lead-generation service.


To qualify my leads even more.

This way, when I called them, they were already convinced to use my service. (I would often focus my funnels upon limousine rental businesses or tree services. More information is in Module 2.

How do I choose my lead generation service?

In the beginning, I offered all types of services and ran my agency after returning from work.

In the end, I tried to do too many things and it wasn't working.

Lead generation was the best option for me because it would provide a steady income and allow me to travel the world as I've always dreamed.

2. Take the time to optimize the funnel.

In my first attempt to create a lead generation service, I attempted to set up a funnel that addressed my prospects individually.

This didn't work out so well.

Russell Brunson's training was a great example of how a funnel can be more efficient.

Why would you bring it up?

So I listened to some of the lessons again, and I heard another student complain about the exact same situation as me.

Chris recommended that the student modify the funnel to appeal to a particular audience.

He explained that the funnel copy could be adjusted to appeal to middle-range businesses, so smaller businesses wouldn't hesitate to reach out if he did.

Chris then shares some tips on how to improve your copy.

These are 3:

  • Personalize Content: Write to an Individual instead of a Group
  • Focus on Pain points: People respond to pleasure, but most importantly pain. Find out what your audience is suffering from and how you can address it.
  • Making Towards a Goal: It can take time to adapt your content. Be patient and remember that the best copy mirrors prospects' frustrations and then offers them a solution.

Building a funnel is more like a process than it is an event.

According to some funnel experts, you can assemble each page in seconds.

They're wrong.

After all the pieces have been put in place and traffic has flowed through the sales funnel, the majority of the work is done on a funnel.

The best search engine optimization funnels will be those that have been edited, modified, and then edited again.

Steve's Marketing Funnel Academy is a great place to start a funnel-building service.

Steve not only teaches you about the process of building funnels, but also his team builds and optimizes them for you.

Module 2: Zero In on 1 Target Audience (Developing your Client Avatar).

Once you have decided on the product or service you want to promote with your first funnel, it is time to find out more about your ideal clients.

Taylor explains what they are like...

  • Demographics (Age, Gender, Education, Location, etc.)
  • They want (their dreams and ambitions).
  • Problems: Money, education, and negative mentality
  • Objections (Money not interested, must consult with partner etc.

This sheet will be your friend through this module.

A similar course is included in the course.

Notice how each section is a separate part of your research?

Taylor will show you how to fill in each section at this point.

The internet has made it possible to access more information than ever before, as I write this.

Taylor demonstrates how to use Facebook and Google to find the information you need.

This information can be accessed via the search bar or by using the Audience Informations feature of FB Business Manager. It is a great way for you to get a detailed picture of the population.

It's not a good idea to show your ad to everyone.

There's no time for this.

Let me give you some tips for your Facebook ads.

Be Specific

It is important to zoom in...

Zoom in a little more to target specific segments of the population by using the demographics provided in the form.

To see if your ads work, you must first narrow down your target audience.

Module 2. Conclusion:

The moral of this story is that your advertising budget should be proportional to the audience size.

A large budget is necessary if you want to reach a wide audience.

A small budget and a narrow audience.

You'll get a great return on your investment if you take the time to do this correctly.

Module 3: Build Your Feeder System (Creating Webinar Funnels)

This module focuses on setting up your funnel, and recording your HQ webinar.

Taylor reveals some shocking truths and explains the 3 biggest mistakes that funnel newbies make.

Here is a basic layout for a sales funnel.

Sales funnels are an easy way to sell more products or get more clients.

They typically consist of three pages.

  • Sales Page - Where people land after clicking your ad
  • The Order Page is where they can enter their payment information
  • Objections (Money not interested, must consult with partner etc.
  • Thank You Page – Shows customers what they have ordered and thanks them.

Below is an infographic that shows the steps your prospects take when they visit your funnel via Google, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

Taylor explains the structure and then he reveals the 3 most common rookie mistakes.

  • OVER-COMPLICATION Too many options/steps More than half of prospects will abandon your funnel if you make it too complicated.
  • NOT ENOUGH TROPIC: One source of prospects.
  • Thank you pages are a great way to make a positive impression.
To end Module 3, The advice is simple: go the extra mile to make your funnel. Grant Cardone said that "there's no one in it".

Module 4: Turn on your faucet (Setting up Paid Traffic).

There are two parts to a funnel.

The funnel and all the traffic it's directing.

Taylor and Chris show you how to fill your funnel by targeting a particular segment of the market through the Audience Insights section.

Then they show some examples of their ads and dive into best practices for copywriting and the use of attractive images.

Here are some things to remember and include in your FB ads

  • Eye Grabbing Headlines
  • Informative Descriptions That Get Lots of Clicks
  • Call-to-Actions That Actually Work
  • Post Text Composing

This section includes information about the various feeds on which your ads should be optimized, including the desktop news feed.

The most important thing that I learned from this training was creating a great offer.

An offer in digital marketing is a summation of the value that you provide to clients who hire your services.

This is a great deal

This is a great deal Pre-sell prospects before they get on the phone. This instills the belief that you can help them reach the next level.

A deal like the one above will consist of 3 main pillars.

  1. 1
    Risk Reversal, often in the form money-back guarantees
  2. 2
    Bonuses (i.e. Sign up now to receive a 20% discount
  3. 3
    A Sense Of Limited Supply Sometimes, buyers will be motivated to act now if there is a little bit of scarcity.
Module 4 Conclusion:

After you have created your ad campaign according to your ad set it is time to turn on your flow and tweak the copy as it runs. Then, jump on all the sales calls your funnel generates.

It's now time to close the deal!

Module 5: Automate and Leverage Your Time (Using Systems That Run 24/7)

This is the point where you have reached your maximum capacity.

This module will allow Taylor and Chris to share their experiences with scaling up their businesses and offer suggestions for improvements.

They refocused their attention on the consulting services they offer and removed the content and funnel-creation services that they used to create their case-studies that demonstrated their expertise.

The results?

Their income increased from 0 to 1 million dollars per month in 4 years.

Taylor shared the proof on the FB group...

Chris mentioned that one of their biggest mistakes was not optimizing their sales funnel.

This allowed them to lower the prices they charged their clients from 2016 to 2018.

Their marketing is updated each year.

They also thought they had to work harder to make more money.

They've since learned that scaling should be just like a flywheel. It gets easier the bigger it gets.

The moral of the story

You can use an automated onboarding system that allows prospects to fill out a Google form, be added to an email list and then granted access to the course.

Chris and Taylor are great examples of entrepreneurs. They made mistakes and realized their errors before implementing solutions.

It is all about moving forward and not making the same mistakes again.

Bonus: Five Steps to the Mindset That Will Help You Grow from Zero to a Million in Months, Not Years

Chris begins by saying that you are the only thing preventing you from making 100k per month.

He says that strategies and tactics without a underlying mindset are useless.

Then, he shares 5 key steps that will help you build a profitable business.

Step 1 - Correct Your Beliefs System

Change from negativity to optimism

Instead of thinking that X is too expensive for your services, think that it's the right amount.

Consider what you can do with the extra money. You can help others.

Book recommendations

Psycho-Cybernetics Maxwell Maltz

Psycho-Cybernetics Summary:

Maltz says that self-awareness and the continuous management and development your self-image are key to success in business and life.

Then, he walks you through some of the practices that can be used to improve your future based on your positive past.

David J. Schwartz, The Magic of Thinking Big

This is a great way to expand your mind.

This book was helpful to Chris early in his career, when he felt guilty about wanting more money.

Schwartz discusses how to change your mind from negative to positive and achieve your dream life.

Although it is idealistic, the book is worth less than 10 bucks if you are serious about changing your thinking.

Step 2 - Know Your Numbers (An obvious, but often overlooked point)

Let emotion drive the decision.

How many clients are necessary to make 100k per month?

You'd need 20 clients if your service costs $5k per month.

How many prospects will you need to reach 20 potential clients in order to make sales calls and get them on your side?

You need to speak to 60 business owners if you have a closing rate below 1 percent.

How many leads are you required to nurture in your funnel to reach 60 biz owners?

This number can be found by calculating your conversion ratio for your marketing funnels.

(If there are multiple funnels, you can calculate the average.

You can ingrain your numbers in your brain by repeatedly reviewing them. Over time, your actions will take control and you'll be closer to your target.

Grant Cardone talks about Doing The Math. It basically involves working backwards to where you want to go in five years, and then seeing what you should be doing today.

Here is GC's 5-Step Program. (Details in the 30-minute video below).

  1. 1
    You can set your target
  2. 2
    You can save 40% on your gross income
  3. 3
    Keep Your Money Safe (to then Invest 100k at a Time)
  4. 4
    Invest in assets that are guaranteed not to lose money #realestate
  5. 5
    Continue until you become a millionaire

Step 3: Offer Less, Not More

Auditing your business is a smart idea.

You can see what you are doing and how long each service takes.

Chris's business revenue shot up after they narrowed down their consulting services.

They also dropped most of their done for you services.

This is something I can relate to because I tried it all when I first started my agency.

However, I was unable to scale up to the level I envisioned until I found the single-service that offered reliable recurring income: local leads generation.

Chris shared a book that helped me get through this time in growing and fine-tuning Traffic.

Gary Keller, The One Thing

Keller starts with the classic:

"You can only do a handful of things well, or you'll end up doing many things wrong." "

Keller uses the following illustration as a primary illustration.

This shows that your priorities, productivity, and profits all depend on your sense of purpose.

He urges you to get rid of a lot the time-wasting activities, and focus on the task you are best suited, hired for, and most skilled for.

He then walks you through the process of delegation and outsourcing.

He helps you to focus on your purpose.

Step 4 - Knowing Your Value

Chris discusses raising your prices.

Many times, business owners charge far less than they are worth to their clients.

Many people don't value themselves enough to justify their prices.

This is often the case when you are new to entrepreneurship.

His suggestion was to revisit your self-image. #psycho-cybernetics

Your pricing will rise if you are more confident in yourself and your abilities.

Believe in the services you offer to your clients.

5: Comparing to 10X Your Business

Chris encourages you to be practical.

Don't get stuck if you encounter an obstacle.

You can keep moving forward by analysing people with bigger problems than yours.

Let's assume that everything is going well.


You might be doing better than someone else.

It'd be smart to observe what they do and try to imitate them.

Do not judge yourself for the things you are doing wrong.

It is important to fix the problem.

This is not something you will learn overnight.

This is where you need to see the bigger picture and remember that it's not the end.

My business partner said it best: "Be a problem solver."

Do You Need to Buy Client Kit 2.0?

Chris and tayler have created a fantastic course to help you create a quality funnel that will allow you to scale your business.

To get the most from this course, you need to have revenue-generating business.

Chris and Taylor are great consultants and can provide valuable insight and advice about how to bring more clients onto your team.

If you are serious about getting paid traffic, this course is the best choice.

Personally, however, I don't deal with paid traffic in 2022 or beyond.

What Is the Best Thing About Being A Human?

Do you remember the time I invested in automation for my business at the beginning?

I had an existing business that generated revenue and I tried to scale it since 2014. I started building funnels in 2016.

I had graduated college three years before and worked a dull 9-5 job for almost 3 years.

I came home one evening and started searching the internet for other income streams so that I could live my life to my full potential.

After scrolling through posts after posts, I came across a page that showed how a man was ranking websites on Google. He also used this skill to generate revenue for small local businesses.

I was hooked.

This business was unique.

The other business models that I had seen were either about running paid ads, or required me to invest $20,000 in products for Amazon.

I was earning $14 an hour so that I didn't have this much money.

I actually made just enough money to rent my tiny 1 bedroom apartment, maintain my Toyota Corolla 1998, and pay my college tuition.

I thought back to my school ambitions.

I wanted to be able to help others and still travel the world.

This model of lead generation seemed to be the answer I had been looking for.

What was my mistake?

I jumped in headfirst and am now financially free after all these years!

How I Make 50K per Month with Local Lead Generation (Not using Funnels)?

You will need to have a lot of money upfront in order to run funnels that use ads.

If you have legitimate revenue, it's not a good idea.

I recommend that you take advantage of the free traffic from Google if your business is new.

This is where lead generation biz comes in to play.

Get started with Lead Generation

I started to work after joining the coaching program.

Initial, I had to work out how to set up my schedule.

It was a simple thing that I managed to figure out.

I quit my depressing job by working in the evenings the first six months.

Fast forward seven years and I have a local lead generation company that generates 52k per monthly.


It was not an easy task and took a lot of upfront investment. However, I have some websites that were ranked in 2014, and still pay me today.

This is what I refer to as passive income.

Here's an example site that pays me $750 per month via autopilot.

Don't believe my word?

Google "lansing limousine services" and you'll see the first search result.

My company name will be at the bottom.

My life has been transformed by this program.

is the program that will help you to quit your job and make a positive change in your life.

Click Here to Get Started with Lead Generation


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