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Traffic Secrets Book Review 2021

Any business that wants to make money online must have traffic. It doesn't matter if you have a website or a sales funnel. This does not mean that people will flood your site with money.

This is unfortunately a common misconception among many online entrepreneurs.

To generate targeted traffic to your website, you must first find your ideal customers and then meet them there.

This is the only way you can get results.

Traffic Secrets Book came out in a slow and painful manner for some. Anxiously awaiting for this to be released was difficult, especially if you've read the other two Russell Brunson books, such as Dotcom Secrets and Expert Secrets.

Within a matter of weeks, the book was out of stock.

Russell Brunson had thousands upon thousands of entrepreneurs waiting on his release notification.

Russell Brunson demonstrates throughout his books how to create the same kind of enthusiastic customers for your business.

He's more than just an author. He will show you how to build an online business using sales funnels. He will guide you through the process of building the funnel, creating the stories and generating traffic.

Russell Brunson will share the exact steps he used to build his businesses. It's his exact strategies that built ClickFunnels into the success that it is today, as well as the tactics in all of his books.

Who is The Russell Brunson?

Russell Brunson is not just an author.

ClickFunnels is also his co-founder. ClickFunnels is a software that helps you build sales funnels.

ClickFunnels has over 100,000 users and is valued at $360 million. Forbes claims at least this.

Russell is also a mentor to some of the most prominent marketing gurus, such as Grant Cardone, a Real Estate Marketing Guru. Grant has said that DotCom Secrets is something that every and any entrepreneur should read if they want to grow their online business or brick and motor business.

Russell was a speaker at Grant Cardone's 10 X Growth Conferences. He generated more than $3 million. He told his stories, and within an hour he had made $3 million. Although these results aren’t typical, he makes it look so easy.

In DotCom Secrets and Expert Secrets, he shows you how to do the same by using storytelling and solving the problem that your customer has with your product.

What is The Traffic Secrets book About?

The title of this book is "Traffic Secrets, The Underground Playbook for Filling your Websites and Funnels With Your Dream Customers"

Russell Brunson spent two years creating this book. It's full of secrets, hacks and knowledge that will help you drive targeted traffic to your funnel. These techniques are timeless because they don't focus on a particular platform. It's all about marketing effectively and finding customers where they are. Then, direct them to landing pages and guide them through your carefully planned sales funnel.

He discusses invisible traffic funnels. It doesn't matter where you live, you can still make money online by building funnels, creating offers and generating traffic.

What is Inside The Traffic Secrets Book?

Russell Brunson's Traffic Secrets book contains 20 secrets.

These secrets will increase traffic to your funnels and get your offer noticed by more people, so you can make more.

Section 1: Your Dream Customer

Dream 100 is about building a network of people in your niche that will help you grow your audience. It's not called Dream 100 without a reason.

So that you can grow your dream client list, you need to have big names in your niche.

What is a dream client? These are the customers who will purchase what you sell.

Your ideal customer is the one you want to drive traffic to your funnel.

You will need an avatar to help you identify your ideal customer.

This will require you to identify your target audience and find out their hidden motivations.

Your funnel is the way you make money.

This is your offer!

It's not always a numbers game. Advertising money should not be spent on people who have no interest in your products or services.

Understanding your audience will allow you to identify the exact people you are advertising to. This will allow you to identify the pain points that will cause them to stop reading your advertisement.

You can get into the mind of your audience to find out where they are. Understand the pain points of your audience.

How can you find them?

People search because they are looking for something. They are now trying to find the lowest price.

Interruption can be based on desire. They may not necessarily want what you are offering. This is a different approach. The hook, story and offer will be used to sell the offer.

This secret formula is what you will find in DotCom Secret.

These are just a few of the secrets that you will find in this section:

Secret #1: Once you have determined who your "dream customer" is, you can then plan how to serve them. Next, you'll determine how to serve them in the way they want.
Secret #2: Find out who your ideal customers are to help you build your funnel.
Secret #3: They will learn how to stop what they do and what you can say.
Secret #4: Learn the two methods to get your message across to your Dream Customers. This secret will get them into your funnel, so they can continue to see your messages for free.
Secret #5: This is the one you won't want to miss. It doesn't matter how Google algorithms work or what Facebook decides. This is an inexhaustible method that will continue to provide traffic for you.
Secret #6: Access to the invisible second channel. This invisible second funnel is what 81% of your sales are made from and it is something that most people don’t know about.
Secret #7: This is the key to getting your partners to promote your products, as well as quickly returning your calls and responding to your emails.

Section 2: Fill your funnel

Once you have found your customers, it's time to bring them into your funnel. This is regardless of which platform you use.

If you are like most internet marketers, your main focus on traffic comes from search engine marketing and pay-per-click. Traffic Secrets focuses on other methods. PPC and SEO methods change frequently and you could quickly lose your business.

Russell Brunson will share his story about the huge loss he suffered when using Google Ads. He'll also explain why you need to learn more than one method for generating traffic, and how you can use them all regardless of platform.

You can get traffic right now by using Instagram, Facebook and Google.

These platforms change over time. You'll need to be able to use them, but the marketing behind them will not change.

This is what makes this book so powerful!

He will also share the secret to driving customers to your sales funnel. Understanding where customers are hiding is key. Then, he will tell you what will grab their attention and then give them a story.

Traffic Secrets will teach you how to create a funnel to attract customers and keep them interested through the entire process. 

Secret #8: Find tons of traffic sources from people who have your ideal customers and bring them into your funnel.
Secret #9: How to achieve consistency in your marketing efforts?
Secret #10: Spend 3-5 minutes each day using this secret to grow your social media followers. Engaged followers.
Secret #11: How to start a social event that will bring in dream customers?
Secret Number 12: How to use Google to get customers to your website?
Secret #13: Discover the simple steps to create content your audience loves to read.
Secret #14: Discover how to spot trends and be part of them for new sources of traffic?
Secret #15: Repurpose what you have written to create content that is suitable for all social platforms?

Section 3: Growth Hacking

This article will show you how to get traffic for free and why it is not always free. These methods will require a lot of work. Russell Brunson will discuss all the free traffic methods.

Paid traffic works well when you don't have the time or money to pay for free traffic.

Advertising is often about products being everywhere. If your customer isn’t everywhere, this is useless advice. And if you tried to learn every platform, you’d be a complete failure.

Russell Brunson will speak on the importance of outsourcing. Burn yourself out is not something you want.

Who should read The Traffic Secrets Book?

DotCom Secrets and Expert Secrets are highly recommended. Traffic Secrets builds on the concepts you'll find in Expert Secrets and DotCom Secrets.

This book will help you to create the story, hook and offer that will go into your sales funnel.

Dotcom Secrets will teach you how to build your website and sales funnel. The other will teach you how to build your brand, and sales funnel.

You'll be able to tweak your funnel until it becomes profitable by combining both of these.

Traffic Secrets will still provide a wealth of information for those who have not read these.

Traffic Secrets will teach you how to generate leads regardless of the platform.

Traffic Secrets Book Price Review

Only the Russell Brunson books Traffic Secrets book Shipping is available at $0.00

This book is available for free. You will only need to pay $9.95 shipping to the US or $19.95 internationally.

This strategy is exactly what you'll find in his books. You'll discover why it's so effective and how to add a lot of value.

Where can you buy Traffic Secrets Book?

You can buy the Russell Brunson Traffic Secrets book online. His book is promoted by thousands of affiliates. This is how his company has grown quickly.

The audiobook is available on Amazon and Kindle.

The audiobook has been listened to a few times while I was reading the book. The author is a marketer who can help you become an entrepreneur. He will generate traffic to your funnel, and sell more products than you ever thought possible.

Russell Brunson Traffic Secrets Review

Amazon Reviews

Rachel Pedersen

Social Media Strategist

"This book is amazing! Traffic Secrets motivated me to look for other traffic sources than the ones everyone is familiar with. I joined TikTok to start searching for organic traffic. Traffic Secrets outlined exactly what I needed to do to build a sustainable business that doesn't depend on one type of traffic to my offers.

Natalie Hodson

Peak Business Academy

"What's great about Traffic Secrets? The principles Russell teaches are universal. This book will teach you how to grow your Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Google and other social media. Russell dives into the psychology behind "hook-story offerer": You hook people with something that grabs attention, you have a compelling story to back it, and then you make an offer that solves their problem. Russell also discusses the "Dream 100", which is how you can get in touch and reach out to people with an audience. Traffic Secrets is a must-have for anyone starting out in business or someone who has an established business. This book will transform your business.

Daniel Rosen


Russell Brunson's teachings helped us grow to an eight-figure business. We read DotCom Secrets, which helped us grow our company a lot quicker. We then read Expert Secrets. The live webinar strategy helped us grow our business to eight figures and earned us the Two Comma Club X Award. Now we are using the strategies from traffic Secrets. It's like adding gasoline to an already raging fire. This trilogy of books will help you start, grow, and run your online business.

Joe Marfoglio

creator of DIY Entrepreneur

This is Russell's step-by-step guide to growing ClickFunnels. This book is essential for anyone who does any kind of marketing.

Our Russell Brunson Traffic Secrets Conclusion

Russell Brunson, a digital marketer extraordinaire, is the author of several books. He shares his funnel secrets and traffic secrets to help you build your business.

An entrepreneur is teaching you. He is an entrepreneur who has sold almost everything you can imagine. He's achieved this feat using the exact same methods he teaches in all his books, Traffic Secrets included. These are not theories, they are actual techniques he uses.

ClickFunnels, one of his products has grown at an incredible rate, with more than 100,000 users, affiliates, and influencers.

He'll show you the same methods he uses to create ClickFunnels, so that your goal of becoming a successful entrepreneur is possible.

These techniques took Russell Brunson more than 15 years to master. He's an expert in the concepts and strategies, and he will help you to make it happen. It may take you months instead of years to start making money.

Marketing principles and strategies will be taught that will help you gain an edge in any market.

Traffic Secrets will help you grow your business without a doubt.

To get the most from Traffic Secrets, it is highly recommended that you read the other books by him.

You need an idea that will generate a profit in a few months

It's obvious to most people that money can't be made without leads. It is an integral part of making money.

This is the basis of almost everything Russell Brunson teaches through his books. It's the reason you're reading this Traffic Secrets review.

If you're anything like most people, you don't know how to get leads, rank in search engines, or target traffic to build your customer list.

Are you right?

Would you believe that you could be a part of one of the most lucrative business opportunities in helping people find these leads.

You can even get paid for it!

We found a course that will guide you through the process of creating a landing page that generates leads for local businesses.

This will allow you to rank your site at the top of Google searches, which will give you targeted traffic for free.

It is so easy that it's hard to believe that not everyone knows this.

You can also do this for tree services as well as roofing companies, plumbers and electrical companies.

While most people don't know how lead generation works, they do know their value.

Here's how it works.

You will build a website. (The course will teach you how to do this)

The most current SEO techniques will help you get listed on Google. (The course will teach you how to do it)

Within 30 days, you will start receiving calls. You don't need to answer them, but you can automate it! 

The course will teach you all this and more! Follow the steps they give you.

So how does lead generation work?

Let's suppose you are looking for leads for local electricians.

You will create a website designed to generate leads.

These leads can be sold to local electricians for between $50 and 200 dollars.

They lack the skills, time, and knowledge to generate leads.

You can, and it's a valuable skill. It can make a living every month.

This website only generates 10 leads per month.

This will give you a profit of $500-$2,000 per month from one site.

Digital real estate companies should aim to have at least 10 lead generation websites.

So now,

If your websites generate only 10 leads per month, you'd have 100 leads in total.

These can be sold for between $50 and $200 per lead.

This will result in a monthly profit of $5,000 to $20,000

Hosting for your websites is the only overhead. However, this will not cost you more than $50 per month.

Are you able to see the potential?

How difficult is it to get started?

You would find it nearly impossible to learn all you need in six months. But this Digital Marketing Course can help you get started in just a few weeks.

He will teach you from his own experience.

He will show you how to find a market, create a website, list it, and put it on autopilot. You can build more lead generation pages.

Take a look at the words of some students.

You can achieve the same success as them.

Follow these steps and you can make a student go from $0 to $40K within 8 months.

If you're ready to learn how you can start your own lead generation company then click here to find out exactly what it entails.

It's going to amaze you how easy it is to turn your dream into a reality because of the support you receive from a group of people. You don't need to lose everything in order to do it.


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