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US Bank Secured Credit Card Review

Are you going through tough times?

Are you trying to raise your credit score in order to be able to buy a new car or house?

It's not surprising that you have come across US Bank. They do offer some very attractive offers.

We'll answer any questions you might have about US Bank throughout this review and help you make the right decision for you.

What is a US Bank?

US Bank is a bank that operates throughout the country but its headquarters are in Minnesota. It was established in Cincinnati in 1863. Today, it is the fifth-largest bank in America.

US Bank is first and foremost a charity that loves to help the surrounding communities. There are 2,900 brick-and-mortar locations in 25 states, as well as 4,700 ATMs.

When they say that US Bank is their bank, they really mean it.

Who owns the US Bank?

Surprisingly, US Bank is not owned by one individual. They are instead owned by their parent company US Bancorp.

US Bancorp offers many products and services, including insurance, brokerage, mortgage, investment and banking.

They are also well-known for their ability to assist many businesses and institutions.

Full In-Depth Review of the US Bank Secured Visa Card

It is not easy to repair your credit or establish credit. The good guys at US Bank made things a lot easier by giving you their US Bank Visa Credit Card.

The US Bank Visa Credit Card Secured Visa makes it simple to be financially responsible for your daily purchases, leading to good credit.

US Bank understands that building or repairing credit can be time-consuming. US Bank has decided to make it worthwhile by offering interest on the initial security deposit.

Your security deposit can be made by logging in to your bank account and transferring money from your savings account. Your security deposit is equal to your credit limit.

In the event of default, you can use your Security Deposit for the US Bank Secured Credit Card as collateral.

The US Bank Secured Visa Credit Card is unique because they actually pay interest on deposits. This means that if you make timely payments, you'll get interested.

The US Bank secured card has a $29 annual fee... But that's not much considering the benefits of building credit.

It is a smart idea to bank with a trusted lender such as US Bank.

Their pricing is higher than that of competitors. Plus, they offer the possibility to upgrade to their balance transfer or rewards credit cards later on.

The US Bank Secured Visa Credit Card offers many features that are similar to those found on secured credit cards.

You'll find the following features and protections:

  • Zero fraud liability
  • Collision waivers for auto rental
  • Comprehensive fraud protection
  • TransUnion credit score access free

Are US Banks able to issue secured credit cards?


We love that the tool comes with a few useful tools that will help you become financially successful.

Autopay is one of these tools. It does exactly as it says, it automatically pays your bills. This helps you to keep up with timely payments. has some things that we don't like.

Credit card interest rates are quite high at 18.99%

The annual fee is $29, which is quite reasonable. However, it makes you wonder if the Secured Mastercard from Capital One and Citi Secured Mastercard from Capital One has $0 annual fees.

Here's a quick overview...

"Mastercard(r), $0 annual fee 22.49% fixed purchase APR $200 minimum security Deposit Capital One"

US Bank does not offer rewards on secured cards...

It is disappointing, as the Discover It Secured card offers 1% cash back on eligible purchases and 22% back on expenses such as gas and restaurants.

The Secured Mastercard from Capital One is the best option for a secured credit card.

Is the US Bank Secured Card Card Graduate?

Yes, you can get US Bank Secured Card Graduation Credit Card offers after six months of credit scoring of 650 and perfect payment history

Cash advances can be obtained from almost every ATM. Just make sure to have your pin handy.

Cash advance transaction fees are 4%. Consider it as a 4% cash advance transaction fee. However, most people agree that a cash advance fee such as that combined with an ATM transaction charge isn't worthwhile.


Is Bank of America Secured Credit Card Good?

Is it worth the effort? It all depends on what you define. Let's start by defining it as a secured card.

There is no annual charge. You heard it right. The bad credit acceptance companies do not charge any annual or monthly fees. This is a great way to build credit and credit history.

However, it does not require a security deposit.

You will need to have a minimum credit limit of $300. Although it's fine to have a minimum credit limit of $300, some credit cards require a minimum of $100 or $200 to make it easier to "buy in".

If you do everything correctly, you can also become unsecured after twelve months.

If you can prove financial responsibility for twelve months, they may decide to return your deposit and allow you to continue using the account.

It is not the best option for secured cards when it comes to APR. It offers a rate well above the average 17.19% APR.

We recommend that you look elsewhere if you have a plan to carry a balance...due the APR.

Can Secured Credit Cards Help to Build Credit?

Secured credit cards can help you rebuild credit or build it up. The payments will be included in your credit report. Properly managing your balance will improve your credit score.

When done correctly, you can get a regular credit card if you have a good credit score.

What is the fastest way to build credit with a secured card?

A US Bank Secured Visa Card Card can help you build credit in as little as one month. However, it could take months or even years to achieve the credit score that you desire.

It also depends on whether you are building credit from scratch or rebuilding.

How can I raise my credit score by 100 points in 30 days?

  1. Get a copy of your credit report to determine if it is good or not.
  2. Find the negative accounts.
  3. Contact the credit bureaus to dispute the negative items.
  4. Combat credit inquiries
  5. As soon as possible, pay off credit card debts
  6. Don't pay your accounts in collection.
  7. Add you to their credit card as a user.

These 7 steps will help you increase your credit score and you won't have to pay a fee.

What is the best amount to put on a secured credit card?

You will need to deposit between $100-$300 each time you apply for a bank secured visa card. You will get a higher credit limit the more you deposit.

It could have an impact on your ability to get credit cards in the future.

What caused my credit score to drop after I paid off debt?

If the only account you have open was closed by the loan or balance that you paid off, your credit score will fall. This is one of your biggest credit factors. Keep a variety of low-balance accounts open.

Which is better: Pay off your credit card or keep a balance?

Even though it might seem like the best thing to do is pay off all your debts, ironically, this would be a terrible mistake.

Banks and credit card companies want to see a history of consistent payments. They won't be happy if you haven't been in debt for a while and just paid off something.

Which debt should I pay off first to improve my credit score?

You should pay off the smallest debt first. Doing so will allow you to accomplish two important things:

You'll first reduce your total loans and balances.

The second is to bring the revolving utilization ratio to a pretty low 0%.

How fast can credit go up?

Although your credit score may rise quickly, it is important that you understand that it will not happen immediately.

It doesn't mean it in the way you want it to...

A "good" or "excellent" fico score can take several months or years. Love it or hate it, the fico score is what's most important to these credit card companies...especially when it comes to rewards cards.

Credit score checks are a great way to build credit.

A bank secured card or bank visa card with security features, late payments detection, zero fraud liability, and auto-pay will help build credit card activity and a high fico score.

How to Never Again Rely on a Credit Card?

Steady Calls understands that credit cards can be used in an emergency, but too often, which can lead to unneeded bad debt.

If you are in credit card debt, or worse, any other type of debt, you will never have the freedom that you desire in your life.

There is an alternative that can help you get rid of your credit card dependence and bad credit.

Digital Real Estate

Local lead generation, as some prefer to call it...

It is the process of creating websites that generate leads to small service-based businesses.

You can see that if you are at the top page of Google, you will get the most visits and calls to your web page.

These calls and visits are valuable, in fact, it is how home advisors built their business to over a million dollars today!

You would do it at a local level, where competition is almost non-existent.

You might be wondering, "How can I make money with these leads?". I love helping small businesses and am happy to help them as much as anyone...but how do I benefit?

How to Make Money with Digital Real Estate?

Do you remember your home advisor?

They charge business owners per lead, and they aren't exclusive, which many business owners hate.

Ask for it!

They see the value in exclusive leads that you can offer them.

What is the value of a lead?

It all depends on the industry, but let's take the example of the tree service industry.

Tree service jobs are worth an average of $500-$2,000. This is why you need to get out there and make your mark.

You can charge home advisors by the lead, but they will still be charging you a commission. They'll eventually ask for a flat fee.

Let's say your tree service receives 10 calls per month in the worst-case scenario.

It is not unusual for service-based contractors to pay a 10%-20% referral fee, or finder fee depending on the person you speak to...

Let's say that you have a digital asset that pays $500 per month.

Imagine if you only had 10 of these bad boys.

This is 5k per month in passive income. It only gets worse from there!

Oh my God, I don't even know how to make a website... let alone rank one! Please help!

We did all the research, so you don't have to worry!

Where do you start?

Steady Calls team has researched many courses and programs that can be used to generate leads / digital real property.

We have seen a lot of scam programs and courses, so we've created a thorough checklist that all programs must pass to be recommended.

We found a program that guides you step-by-step through building a website, ranking it, and generating passive income.

This program teaches you how to rank and build, but it also offers live calls twice per week, where you can speak with coaches and other members about any questions.

You will also have access to an active Facebook group, which is active 24 hours a day, in case you missed the live streams.

We were impressed by the activeness and support of this group/program.

Many groups only have webinars and videos, and then they die. These guys are still strong!

In just 90 days, some students make 15k per month! This is what it looks like!

Fill out the application today to schedule a meeting for the only Steady Calls Approved Program.


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