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UserTesting.Com: Is UserTesting Legit?

UserTesting.Com: Is UserTesting Legit?

A technique is known as "user testing" is used by companies to quickly get their prototype, website, or product/MVP (minimum viable products) to market.

User testing is crucial because it allows designers to identify any problems in products through user experience. These issues can be addressed and a solution found before the product is released. This will avoid long-term costs.

The organization must have a plan for User Testing. This will allow them to recruit users to do specific tasks. The results of the testing are then analyzed and suggestions for improvement are made.

Every phase of production must undergo user testing to reduce design costs, improve product features and reduce risk.

UserTesting.com will be reviewed by us to determine if it is really the best platform for user testers looking to make money.

We will discuss whether user testing is the right business online for you.

I will answer some frequently asked questions about UserTesting and user testing generally at the end.

Most importantly, I will show you how I built my internet marketing business to more than $40,000 per month mostly passively.

I swear by user testing for good because it uses the same skills but in a more powerful and lucrative way.

What is Usertesting.Com?

User testing can be outsourced to third-party services such as Usertesting.com when a company requires it.

Usertesting.com allows companies to gather feedback and data from customers on a product or service. This is a great way to collect customer experience data without having to worry about putting their brand at risk by delivering a poor user experience.

This service is available to the following users:

  • Marketers
  • UX & Usability professionals
  • Executives
  • Managers of eCommerce
  • Product managers
  • entrepreneurs
  • game developers
  • Search engine specialists
  • mobile app developers
  • Designers
  • Developers
  • Who is Dave Garr?

    Title: Cofounder of UserTesting.com

    Dave Garr was annoyed by the time it took for users to give feedback when he managed websites at Apple. He decided to get his friends, neighbors, and family members involved in order to find out what they thought about specific products. UserTesting was created shortly thereafter.

    What is UserTesting?

    Digital product companies around the world work with users to get honest and accurate feedback.

    You can provide your tester experience to Usertesting.com to companies looking for input on their website or phone apps and how they can be better for end-users. They will pay you a fair amount for your time.

    What it does for companies?

    UserTesting.com offers a free trial for organizations that need user testing services. You will need to fill out a questionnaire detailing your products and services. Also, include details about the business and contact information.

    • Name of the person who requests service
    • Use Email to Work
    • Name of the Company
    • Country
    • Number of employees

    If you are satisfied with the service, sign up for user testing for your app, website, or both. They'll help companies determine the best demographics to reach customers in order to gain valuable feedback and insights into the user experience.

    Your organization can begin to develop your product after you have received your user experience feedback.

    Usertesting.com received positive mentions on social media since 2007. This website provides the best user testing tools available to every company it meets.

    How does it work for testers?

    Customers are often selected from a group of testers to test products and services.

    Signing up for a test at Usertesting.com will give you a test to determine your psychological and demographic profile. These tests will help determine if you are the right person for feedback.

    Take, for example...

    Let's suppose we have an online shop. Before you go through the test, you will be screened through the site to determine which online shops you typically visit when shopping online.

    If the testers determine that you are a good fit, they will proceed with the test. If they don't, the test will be removed.

    If you are able to speak fluent English and fit the test, you will be accepted. You will be asked questions throughout the test to give feedback and user experience on the app or website you were assigned.

    Other tests will be required. You'll also need to talk with the client about your user experience and feedback on their website.

    Is UserTesting A Scam Or Legit?

    User Testing is not a fraud. You can make money by testing on the website. You don't even have to pay anything to sign up to give your user input.

    It is easy to use and clear. To be considered for testing, you will need to submit a sample test which will be reviewed by User Testing. After your test is approved, you will be a tester.

    Once you have completed the test, payment will be made through your PayPal account. This is the only method of payment the company uses.

    It is possible to make money as a UserTesting.com tester/user, but there are other ways you can increase your income potential.

    This is my #1 choice!

    It is unlike UserTesting in that it provides actual proof of success from real people just a few days back.

    Is UserTesting a good way to make money?

    Yes, UserTesting.com can help you make money.

    The website even claims that you could make as much as $60 per test

    It would be a good way to make some extra income, but not as my main source of income. You may not get the work you need. It all depends on where you are located and how satisfied you are with the company.

    The best thing about UserTesting is the fact that it doesn't make false claims. We have not been able to find any. Although UserTesting can help you make extra money, it is not enough to make you independently wealthy.

    They will also insist that you know that the results of your tests will be influenced by your gender and demographics.

    Tips for Getting Selected on UserTesting (UserTesting).

    Here are some things you can do to expedite the approval process if you want to be involved in User Testing.

    • You should ensure that the audio quality of the sample you submit for testing is good
    • Good English is a must. It doesn't need to be your first language. However, you should be able to communicate your thoughts clearly to others.
    • Use headsets to ensure you are in a quiet area.
    • You should use a high-quality screen recorder to capture your videos. Do not allow any other content in your test video that you do not want others to see.
    • When you are testing software, it is important to communicate clearly and loudly about your work.
    • You should provide as much feedback as possible on user experience and your feedback.
    • You should ensure that your internet connection is strong

    Age Criteria, Pros & Cons Of UserTesting


    To be eligible to test, you must be at least 18 years of age.


    • The process is clear, transparent, and simple to use
    • Approval is quick. It takes as little as two days (48 hours) for your sample to be approved
    • To receive payment, you will need to create a PayPal account
    • These guidelines will help you to understand the requirements of the tests.


    • Notifications for new tests will not be sent to you
    • To see if there are any tests available, you will need to log in to the platform.
    • It's difficult to tell if you will pass the screening mode when you are in Screener mode.
    • It can be difficult to qualify for a test.
    • This is not the kind of work that will bring in full-time income.
    • They are not rated highly by the Better Business Bureau.
    • Websites are not immune from technical problems.

    Most Frequently Asked Questions

    UserTesting: How can you make money?

    You will need to take a test in order to be approved to become a user tester at UserTesting.com. After the test is approved by the team, and a determination of your demographic, you will start to receive tests.

    For almost every test you apply for, you will need to complete a question-and-answer process. These questions and answers are similar to a psychological test. There is no right or wrong answer. After the screening, they will create a profile that will help them decide what type of test to send. If the test is not for you, it will be sent to another person.

    Each test you pass will result in a payment. However, the exact amount will vary depending on what type of test you are taking.

    Although User Testing can make you money, it's not easy work. You might want to bring in real money if you are willing to put in the effort required to become a User/Tester.

    This program helped me skyrocket my online company to $40,000+ per month. It teaches you some User Testing skills but also shows how to monetize these skills in a much more profitable manner.

    What Can You Make From Home?

    A test's value can range from $3 to $60, depending on its type and length. The average test amount is $10.

    For every 20-minute video they produce, they pay $10. You will need to visit a website, use an app, and follow the instructions. Then, you'll be asked to complete a set of tasks with your mobile phone or computer. Finally, you'll give feedback on the user experience.

    So that your feedback is easily understood, it's preferable that you can speak English. It usually takes around 20 minutes. You will need to have a PayPal Account in order to receive payments from the company.

    It will take approximately 7 days for you to be paid once your test is completed.

    What is the Maximum Number of UserTesting Tests You Can Perform?

    It can vary depending on how many tests businesses require. Most days, you will get between 1 and 2 tests in your dashboard.

    Other factors can also impact the number of tests you have taken.

    • The most likely to get the most test results is to rate (5-star rating testers).
    • Profil of your tester
    • What type of devices do you have

    Even though testers may receive two tests per day, it is possible to qualify for the tests and go through the screening process.

    How can I become a website tester?

    UsertTesting.com states that they accept testers from these countries and regions.

    • Africa
    • Middle East
    • India
    • Asia Pacific
    • Europe
    • Latin America
    • The Caribbean
    • United States
    • Canada

    To become a website tester, visit UserTesting.com to fill out an application and take a test.

    Once your sample test has been approved, they will need your personal information (e.g., your profile, PayPal Account information, etc.). You can then order real tests online.

    This program requires you to have a PayPal Account. Before you complete your application and take the sample test, you should have a PayPal Account.

    My Thoughts

    UserTesting.com can help you with user experience testing for your product or service. Your company's website can be a great source for user feedback. This will assist you in designing and developing your product.

    These solutions are available for both small and large businesses.

    The platform allows you to make a side income by testing and earning a lot of money. You will need to speak fluent English and communicate clearly and persuasively about the product or service you are testing.

    The ability to pass tests will be heavily dependent on many different areas, such as:

    • Industry
    • Working Experience
    • Demographics
    • Income
    • Age
    • Your Devices
    • Use of web applications
    • Shopping habits

    Does UserTesting.Com Still Work In 2021?

    This one is tricky.

    It is obvious that user testing still works in 2021. People still make a living off it.

    But, the majority of this is happening in high-ticket arenas that affiliate marketers don't know about.

    High-ranking men like it this way.

    User testing is highly saturated.

    Combine that with a low barrier to entry and boom!

    There is a lot of competition.

    This is why affiliate marketers are often asked this question and why they only make a few hundred dollars a month from this online business.

    This is not to mention the fact that many UserTesting.com users make very little money if any.

    We think that if you are still interested in starting an online business, especially after covid, then we may have the right thing for you!

    Steady Calls is the #1 Recommended way to Make Money Online in 2021

    Do you want an online business you can start where there is no competition?

    You might consider something that could lead to passive income in the future.

    Is that something you are interested in?

    It's great!

    Our Steady Calls team did some research into an internet business model that just recently emerged.

    Many real estate investors and entrepreneurs have started building digital assets in anticipation of 2008's housing crisis.

    Digital Real Estate

    Local lead generation, or as it is sometimes called, is the process for building websites and generating leads to small service-based businesses.

    It is actually quite similar to user testing, with a few key differences.

    • Traffic that is less important can bring in more revenue.
    • Locally, competition is virtually non-existent
    • It's much easier to rank!

    Before you call it a scam,

    This is a Steady Calls...

    Scams are reported to us. They are not promoted by us. You can find a UserTesting.com hyperlink anywhere.

    Let's now look at the comparison.

    You can rank for keywords in your country with user testing. This is a difficult task due to the amount of competition.

    It's insane how hard it is to sell the same product when you have to compete against 1,000,000 other people.

    Let's now flip the script...

    What number of people are you able to think are trying to chop down trees in Bossier City Louisiana.

    It's not much.

    Now that we have established that local lead generation competition is lower than user testing, let's discuss the money. It's all about the money, right?

    What is the Money?

    The majority of affiliate products that you sell would cost between $50 and $100. If you are lucky, you might make a 5% Amazon commission.

    To earn a decent 5k monthly income, you will need to sell between 1,000 and 2000 products. This is a lot of work.

    Let's now take a second look at the tree service example...

    Tree service jobs are worth between $500 and $2,000 on average. Most contractors will pay about 10-20% of the final bill for referrals.

    Now it's time to do some math...

    Let's suppose you rank these sites in your local area. After three months, your site is on page one.

    Let's just say the worst-case scenario is that you end up with only 10 calls.

    Let's also say that covid hit the tree-service guy and his family extra hard last year, and he can only pay 10%.

    This means that $500 per month could be earned by just one of these sites. Let's suppose you have 10 of these sites. You'd be making $500 per month if you had 5k. User testing is a way to generate a fraction of that traffic.

    It sounds too good to be true ...?

    It's not.

    Where to Learn?

    We are aware that you won't be able just to go on your own and kill the digital real estate industry from what we have spoken about it...

    You might think, "Dang, I don't even understand ...".."

    Our team at Steady Calls took the time to research and select a program we could recommend. We also gave our approval.

    It's not something we take lightly.

    We finally found it after months of searching all over the internet.

    This course provides hands-on training, step by step, that will show you exactly how to rank and build your new lead generation.

    You can also use live chat on Zoom to connect with others, have a conversation, and ask any questions you may have.

    This program is also monitored closely by a private Facebook group, which, unlike other user testing programs we reviewed, means that there is no spam!

    You probably have a lot of questions at this point and are unsure if Digital Real Estate is right for you.

    If this online business model appeals to you, user testing is a better option.

    Click it to find out more!


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