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Zoho CRM Review 2021

Zoho CRM Review

Small businesses today need better ways of keeping up with customers. With the introduction of customer relationship management software, this is now possible.

We'll be reviewing Zoho CRM to find out if it is truly the best customer relationship management software.

We will discuss whether Zoho CRM works for you and your company.

I will also answer your most common questions about Zoho CRM, customer relations management and general Zoho CRM.

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What is Zoho CRM?

Zoho is a well-known software provider for small and medium businesses (SMBs).

Zoho has well-built 45 Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products created to help run businesses from end to end.

The company also has Zoho Office Suite and Zoho Invoice. Zoho Expense and Zoho Social are just a few of the many offerings.

Zoho CRM is still the company's flagship product. It was the first product Zoho released in 2005.

Zoho CRM, a fully-featured client connection management suite (CRM), has received our Editors' Choice choice. This distinction is shared with Apptivo CRM and Salesforce Sales Cloud Lightning Professional.

Zoho CRM's extensive feature set includes many capabilities such as contact management, sales force automation and lead management. There are also many analytics options.

Zoho CRM is unique because it offers performance management. Owners can make precise forecasts, integrate territory management and offer gamification options to motivate teams to exceed revenue quotas. This includes rewarding badges and trophies for projects that are completed and goals achieved.

Zoho's ecosystem plays a significant role in attracting customers who already use other Zoho products to choose a Zoho-branded solution. Zoho CRM is a natural extension for SMBs who use Zoho Books or Zoho Projects.

Additionally, businesses can offer employees access to all of airers4you's software suite for $1 per day with the Zoho One licensing option.

Zoho CRM Pros And Cons


  • For as many as 10 people
  • Extraordinary feature set
  • Gamification modules
  • Useful email marketing tools


  • Automation of workflows is restricted to the Professional Tier
  • Zia voice assistant needs more

Pricing Options for CRM Zoho

Zoho One allows Zoho customers to have access to all apps in Zoho's profile, for $30 per consumer per month and billed annually.

You get exactly the same features as if you were using one of the licensed editions. There is also an updated Admin Panel that will assist IT administrators in large-scale deployment issues such as role provisioning and identity management.

Remember that any Zoho One membership must include a condition that all employees on the payroll must be licensed by Zoho One.

Zoho CRM Free Edition

Zoho CRM is available for free to as many as three owners, and it's free for all.

This program is similar to Insightly CRM which limits its free edition to two people. However, Bitrix24 CRM allows up 12 users.

Standard Plan CRM Zoho

The Standard paid tier costs $18 per user per billing month (or $12 per user annually).

This entry-level plan includes sales forecasting, customized dashboards, a document repository, marketing strategies and the ability to send mass emails. Standard tier database sizes are limited to 100,000 records.

Zoho CRM Professional Plan

The Professional tier is $30 per user per month (or $20 per user per year billed annually).

The Enterprise tier is $45 per user per month (or $35 per user per year billed annually).

This tier includes email integration, Google AdWords integration and social CRM. It also offers inventory management, workflow automation, role security, and a limitless number website records.

This is the best option for SMBs who want to automate a particular part of their CRM workflow.

Zoho CRM Enterprise Edition

The Enterprise edition (40 USD per user per month, or $35 per consumer per year for annual plans) includes territory management, custom modules and functions, as well as time-based actions and custom-related lists.

You can purchase mobile app support for most plans. It is both free and cost-free. This review focuses on the Professional edition.

Ultimate Edition CRM Zoho

Imagine your requirements are more complicated. Zoho CRM Ultimate Edition costs $100 per month in this case. It also includes features such as superior customization and email sentiment analytics.

You can also integrate with most of Zoho’s amazing applications portfolio. You have access to many features such as email marketing, internet buyer surveys and monitoring website visitors.

CRM Plus is available for a 30-day trial. It is safe to use Zoho CRM along with the other Zoho apps that are available for strong integration. This business software suite also includes CRM.

Review of Zoho CRM User Interface and Design

Zoho CRM's layout is simple but much more productivity-focused. It covers all the key CRM elements right from the beginning.

The default view of Home is the default, and it displays Open Tasks, Present Day Leads, Amount By Stage, Closing This Month, and Amount by Stage as powerful widgets. Managers will benefit from this purpose-driven approach. Although it may seem simple, Insightly CRM is much more powerful and active than the old solutions. However, it's still easy to see.

The page's roof is covered in a black menu bar that provides links to the main areas. This menu bar is everywhere and expands or shrinks depending on the size of your internet browser window.

However, it's easy to find all the menu items by using a drop-down that also has a search module.

The importance of Zoho CRM's menu options is based on their purchase. There are many modules that can be found in Zoho CRM. These include Home, Products, Analytics and Reports.

Modules can also be customized to appear in any order that suits the user. This level of customization is uncommon in SaaS services. This gives Zoho CRM users an advantage when it comes to creating the ideal work environment.

Users and Contacts

Zoho CRM requires a lot of customization in order to get started. Administrators will need to spend some time getting the customized areas and pages organized.

Owners may find it much simpler to obtain the items they need. Zoho CRM makes it easier than Salesforce to create users. Experienced filters make searching easy.

Search tools allow users to search CRM information based on emails, notes, projects, and other tasks. A timeline view allows sales personnel to see past details of customers and their interactions with other sales staff, as well as upcoming actions.

Zoho will direct you to a splash page when you first sign in. This page lists all the actions that you should consider. You don't have to decide what you should do first. The Launchpad provides all the information, as well as links to each step. Get started will help you identify leads, contacts and accounts.

Easy Setup lets you add users, personalize the platform, and allows you to modify your settings. You will see the most recent activity and upcoming project updates, so you can go back to what you're doing if you get distracted.

Businesses can use the Page Layouts design function to manage multiple goods in one CRM account.

The Zoho CRM Sandbox allows you to test custom-built layouts and modules. The Sandbox can be used by both small and medium-sized businesses (SME) to test custom-built CRM software prior to making it available to the public. Salesforce has this type of capability.

It is possible to create specific profiles for each consumer and assign multiple connections to each account. It's easy to turn men and women into leads.

You can link documents to individual touch file and view all uploaded documents in your paper library. The Contacts module provides a summary of all free contacts with contact information and photos. It is simple and easy to understand.

Turning Leads Into Clients

Zoho CRM is designed to allow businesses of any size to manage the entire customer relationship lifecycle, from initial contact to close.

The robust features of Zoho CRM's lead management feature, which ties everything together, are extensive. They include campaign management, lead distribution and interaction tracking, prospecting tools as well as lead segmentation, lead nurturing, pipeline monitoring, and lead segmentation.

Prospects start as leads, and then they become connections when they are skilled (that's, marked as potential clients).

The account will be created for the company that is connected to this possibility. You can use whatever functions of Zoho CRM you want.

If a business doesn't generate more than a few leads per day, they might prefer to skip this step and add new names right away to their contact list.

But what if you need to generate a lot of leads using a wide range of energy sources? Zoho makes it easy to collect them using a characteristic called SalesSignals.

This allows you monitor chats, emails, and social networks. You can also receive real-time notifications when a potential lead comes up with your company's Twitter feed.

It can be further configured to automatically harvest leads when your company is tagged on social media. This strategy is ideal for businesses and brands that need to interact in real time.

This is a good option if you have employees available, but small-sized SMBs might find the constant stream of notifications 24/7 overwhelming.

Zoho's artificial intelligence (AI), Zia, has been added to keep pace with the cutting-edge competition like Salesforce.

Trend analysis is used to detect anomalies in sales processes and to recommend the best times to follow up with emails and phone calls.

Zia's mileage will vary depending on your situation, but it feels like an initial iteration AI with enough space to grow and expand.

A Customizable And Versatile CRM Tool

The strength of Zoho CRM is its versatility and range. There are many features to choose from and a variety of pricing options for different needs. Zoho CRM is a CRM SaaS solution that has been around for a long time. It's also flexible because it can be customized and highly customizable to meet the needs of many businesses.

Zoho CRM also offers attractive visualizations and reports. Today's charts prefer to open in pop-out windows. The current line, pie and bar charts, as well as channel and channel charts, are supported by region and donut charts.

Users can quickly add accounts to a Favorites folder. A folder is also available for recently deleted accounts, which can be used to store accidental deletions. Zoho CRM's reporting may not be as robust as Salesforce's. It is however, superior to any other CRM platform that we tested.

The Zoho Marketplace will show third-party integrations. These include G Suite, MailChimp and Constant Contact, Evernote and ClickDesk as well as Microsoft Office 365, QuickBooks and Microsoft Office 365.

The Zoho Marketplace also features SignEasy and Adobe eSign as well as Eventbrite, SignEasy and Citrix GoToMeeting integrations.

Zoho CRM can also be integrated with Zoho Webinar or Zoho Social to provide better social media management. Zoho Books integration is expanded to provide more integrated financial capabilities.

It also works with Zoho Surveys. This means that you can send surveys to your leads and contacts. Zoho is also the only CRM that we tested to integrate with Apple's iCal.

Zoho CRM remains a worthy Editors' Choice choice. It offers great value, easy-to-use reporting and marketing tools, flexible integrations and excellent customer service.

Zoho CRM Specs

  • Document Library: Yes
  • Leadership Management: Yes
  • Chat live
  • Chatbot/Conversational AI: Yes
  • Multi-currency Support Yes
  • Analytics
  • Custom Dashboards: No
  • Email routing
  • Rest API
  • 24 Hour Customer Support
  • Phone Support
  • Yes, User Forums
  • Zoho CRM Features

    • Mobile app: Fully-featured apps for smartphones that mirror the PC experience.
    • Analytics dashboards: Data-driven decisions made from mobile and PC dashboards.
    • Automated workflows: Reduce time and automate repetitive tasks
    • Comprehensive program plans: All tiers are feature-rich.
    • Integrations: Integrate your current business apps using a third-party tool.
    • Customization: The CRM can be customized to meet the specific needs of a company.

    We recommend Zoho CRM for:

    • Companies that employ many mobile and remote workers
    • Companies needing best-in-class analytics to make reliable decisions
    • A CRM that integrates with existing business applications is required by teams.
    • Organisations who want a solution that doesn't require a steep learning curve

    We don't recommend Zoho CRM for:

    • To manage extremely complex customer interactions and interactions, teams will need a CRM that is robust.
    • Businesses who want to offer a free service program that supports multiple users

    BOTTOM LINE: Zoho CRM Software Review

    Zoho CRM is a powerful tool that combines great features with competitive pricing and integrates seamlessly with a wide range of Zoho products.

    It was a straightforward choice for Editors' Choice.

    US Street Price: $12.00

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